"If you hear a voice within you say, 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." --Vincent van Gogh

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Never Say Never

One absolute truth in the art world is that sometimes things just don't go as planned. I have some books up upholstery samples and several months ago I decided to use some to make a journal cover. I took all the blues and tans and cut them up, and then raw-edge stitched them to a foundation. This was my result. Not only do I find it unappealing, but it was TOO SMALL! I have made so many journal covers, using my own pattern, and I have no idea how I messed this one up.

So, I toyed with tossing the whole thing in the garbage bin - but that wouldn't be very responsible of me, sort of goes against the whole purpose of recycling, so it sat, and sat, and sat in my studio. Last week I decided to do something with it. I began by cutting off the flaps that made it fit a journal, so that I had just one flat piece to work with. I took some Gesso and loosely covered the whole thing - allowing some of the colors and the textures to show through.

Then I took my fluid acrylics, watered them down, and painted the whole piece. I used my blue and yellow, letting them combine where they wished. Then I took red and loosely brushed all the raw edges. I used paint to stamp swirls and stars, and embossing powder for the suns. Suddenly it's a fun piece! I cut two 4x6 rectangles which I will make into postcards. The remaining, larger piece, I plan to continue to develop and eventually frame.

You'll have to stay tuned if you want to see the final results. I'm hopeful that next week will see the completion of many of these WIPs. Lesson learned, though, never give up on your art!


Karen said...

So nice Michelle, very creative idea that you came up with.

MargaretR said...

Never throw anything away Michelle!
It looks terrific now.

clevelandgirlie said...

I saw this in person too -- she took an "uh oh" and turned it into a WOW!!! Amazing talent this girl has.

Anonymous said...

"so I sat, and sat, and sat," sounds so much like the "How the Crinch Stole Christmas," when the Crinch came to the great revelation. Way to go. I like the results you have received to date.


Anonymous said...

very cool that you can turn trash to treasures....wouldn't it be cool if we traded WIPs that we can no longer finish because we can no longer see a vision for the project but maybe somebody else could

that might be a fun trade, or not, C

morningDove said...

Michelle you never cease to amaze me. great "messie" gone awry or oops that's no accident. sheer joy to watch you.

Nellie's Needles said...

Well, talk about "taking it further!" WOW!