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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Shape of Lightening

Those of you who have read my blog for a while might remember the tree that was struck by lightening right in front of my house late last summer. I speculated whether the old oak would live - sadly, it did not - and it came down last week. Once it was felled it was quite clear that it took the full force of the lightening bolt and really had no chance of surviving.

That black gash in the center of the tree is the path the lightening took - it blasted its way straight through the trunk and down into the ground. The black is charred wood and the inside of the chamber is filled with ashed and cinder.
Here is the stump - you can see where it went all the way through. The tree was very close to our house - maybe 15 feet away - and clearly spared our house from being struck. I'm only sorry that it had to give its life to do so.

Here is a closeup of the hole - I think it sort of looks like a bat - it is the shape of lightening.


Janice said...

amazing - i didn't realize it would leave such a vivid path through the thee! thank heavens the tree was there - imagine what that would have done to your house!

Sue said...

Too bad you lost the tree. I like the last image -- it does indeed look like a bat. (humming the batman theme to myself!)

needlewings said...

Wow, funny it didn't catch fire! I guess too green at the time. You will have to plant another tree in it's memory.

Karen said...

So sad, we lost a maple two summers ago and it was like losing a family member. Now the other maple looks to be in distress so I'm hoping this summer will be better for it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the follow up on the tree. You might want to save the trunk to show people. (Put a flower pot on it.) My maple tree cracked in an ice storm in 2001 and bugs rotted the tree and a huge portion split off this year.


Fannie said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, Michelle.

Saw the results of the life's a beach challenge on QA's blog and wanted to pop in and congratulate you on being one of the selections. Bravo! Best wishes.