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Friday, March 16, 2007

In Memory

Last night I mentioned to my 9-yo daughter that it was going to rain all day today. She said, "I know, God is going to be crying with us." I'm sure someone at school told her that - but how true it is. Today we had to put our precious cat, Jack, to sleep. He would have turned 14 in April. He had inoperable cancer, and it was time. I know he is at peace, but I sure am going to miss his silly, sweet ways, and that motor that could keep you up at night. Rest in peace, buddy boy.

I can't mention Jack without mentioning Chester. He also succumbed to cancer in March of 2006. He and Jack were not litter mates, but we got them at the same time and they were about two weeks apart in age. They were brothers, and took care of each other. Chester was incredibly intelligent and always made sure he knew what was going on. One time we took a 19-day trip, and the night we returned, Chester slept on my head! We bought a deciduous magnolia tree last spring and buried Chester beneath it. We will bury Jack next to him. When the magnolia comes into bloom, its buds feel like cat's paws. We didn't know this when we picked it out. I miss my guys - I hope they are happy chasing butterflies together...


Anonymous said...

I am a cat lover and my heart went out to you. It is so hard to lose an animal!!
Every time one of ours dies I cry and am sad for days. I told a friend once when I get to heaven I will get to see all my cats. She said, I don't want to live next to you. Again my sympathies are with you.

Michelle said...

I'll live next to you, Marilyn! Thanks for your support.

needlewings said...

Sorry about your kitty. I know how hard it is. I just gave away our Shadow cat aka big boy, Moose and Nimbus. He looks just like Chester. My son took him back to live with him. I will miss him but there are just so many cats that we can own!!! lol We are down to 6 now.