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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


First of all, Susan Lenz's Cyber Fyber exhibit is coming up in January. Check out all the Postcards (mine is #155) and ATCs (mine is #36) that will be in the exhibit. Be sure to leave a comment if you like what you see! She is having a Peoples Choice award.

We travelled to New York for Christmas. We had a wonderful time, but it is good to be home. We ordered up some snow and got plenty of it! All of it fell before we arrived - about 18" worth. My kids have certainly seen snow, but not much and not in a very long time, and our Guatemalan exchange student had never seen it. We got some serious winter fun in...The snow was up to Rosi's belly in places, but she had a blast. We would throw the tennis ball, which would of course sink under the snow, and she would use her nose to sniff it out. The hardest part for her was that there was no grass on which to do her business, and it took her a while to accept that she had to use the snow!
Later in the week, after a little rain and warmer temps, the snow was great for packing, so of course we had to build a snowman! That's my neice in the blue.

Earlier in the week, the snow was very powdery and made for an incredible day of sledding. Do you know there was only one other family at the hill we went to, and they were also from North Carolina?! Go figure. In the photo below, Joseph jumped on top of Tom for a ride down the hill, and my nephew Max seized the opportunity and hopped on top just as they started heading down the hill. It was pretty funny.
Tom and I have decided that although the snow is fun, we do not miss wading through slush in parking lots and shiverring every time we go outside. I also do not miss all the muck that gets dragged in on boots all day long. We are happy to live a bit further south and visit the snow on occassion. And if you were wondering if it was cold, well, just look at this guy - he was freezing!


Karen said...

Lovely pictures of the family having fun Michelle. Mine are too old and past being out in the cold or at least I'm past being out in the cold with them, lol.

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures. Happy that you enjoyed and had some snow. We lost all of our snow and then got 8 inches on New Years Day. Have a great New Year.


Sue said...

True enough about having to deal with the snow on a daily basis and seldom getting out to enjoy it. I'll never get tired of the beauty of new-fallen snow, though! Glad the kids enjoyed a real snowfall!

Elizabeth said...

Oh how wonderful to have some snow to paly in!! the picture of your dog running around in it reminds me of our DEAR Rosie who was also a yellow lab!! She was such a sweet dog and a puppy till the day she died at 14!!