"If you hear a voice within you say, 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." --Vincent van Gogh

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It snowed in Dixie! We got close to 6" today. It came down furiously this morning, so we took Rosi for a good long walk. That dog absolutely adores the snow. She was so excited! So was I.

I love living someplace where, when it snows like this, schools and offices are closed and we can all just play and enjoy. It is supposed to be 60 on Friday, so it will soon be a memory. A bonus to today's snowfall was that the kids got to stay home from school and watch the Inauguration of Presidnet Obama. I'm glad they are old enough to remember it.
Here she is ... love the frosty whiskers. Hard to see, but terribly cute. And late in the day, she got to go visit some friends with a big fenced in back yard... look at the fun they were having!

I think she is going to sleep for days. As for me, I scooped up some snow, and I finally get to try snow dyeing. The snow is melting on my fabric right now. I'll post pics, and probably try more tomorrow and the snow should stick around at least that long.


Judi said...

Throw some dye on that snow and do some snowdyeing!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh Lucky You!! We have not had a single flake this year!!! your Rosi reminds me soooo very much of our Rosie!!! Our ROsie used to run thru the snow with her nose buried like a snow plaow. Would not stop till she dropped!!
Wasn't Obama's speech amazing and the whole day- the smiles , the smiles!!!~
Big Hugs!

Tama said...

WooHoo! I immediately thought of you when I saw snow yesterday morning - finally you were going to get to try snowdyeing! Looking forward to seeing your pix on the blog and the real thing up close and personal, too. Today is another playday...

MargaretR said...

Beautiful snow! I have always loved it, but we don't seem to get much here any more. Pity.
I'm sure your children will always remember the day of the inauguration. we were watching too.

Karen said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your snow dyes :)

Cleveland Girlie said...

Whatever you do - don't use the "YELLOW" snow - no matter how pretty the color is!!!!