"If you hear a voice within you say, 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." --Vincent van Gogh

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Up to Something

Sometimes, something's got to give, and lately it's been my blog ... I just haven't had the time to post, and on the few occassions when I've made the attempt, my computer has hung up on me and I ended up just wasting time. I have a lot to share - hopefully I'll get some posts on here in the next few days.

One of the projects I've been working on has been a bit of a secreat. It is called an "Exquisite Corpse Round Robin" (ECRR). There are 6 people in each group, and each of us creates a background piece comprising of 6 - 6" squares. We chose a theme and colors, and complete one square. Before sending the piece on to the next person, we cover our work - all except 1/2" that adjoins an unworked square. The next person has to take clues from that little 1/2" of work and continue the piece, then they cover their square and it goes to the next person.

My theme was the word "CREATE", which I stipulated one letter per square in a distressed/grunge style. Otherwise, I was open to interpretation. I did the first "e" and sent it on it's way. I recently received my completed piece back and here it is! I'll have some finishing to do, but I hope to hang it in my studio. Another day I will attempt to load a photo of each square individually so you can see. In the meantime, you should be able to click on the photo to get a closer look.
In our group of 6, there are 2 pieces that are finished, mine being one of them. Here is the square I did for the other one - I'll show my squares for each after the owner receives it back. This one was a theme of grief/loss in the colors rust/blue. When the piece arrived, there was a photo of a dog that had just succumbed to bone cancer at only 6 years old. I worked on this piece about 2 weeks after Rosi arrived, so it was an emotional piece to work on. I ended up copying a photo of the dog (Bear) onto fabric, and fading him away behind some sheers. Then I made a dog collar from ribbon and a bottlecap, as if he has left it behind. The tear drops on the left were to tie into the edge of the original square that I could see.

To those that are here and haven't given up on me completely - thanks!!! I appreciate you.


Carol said...

Hey lovely girl, glad to see you around! Love the exquisit corpse, I am about to play in eht next round so thanks for showing the pic as I wasn't sure that i totaly understood it!

Fannie said...

Hi, Michelle. Thanks for your wonderful postcard. Love the design and thread painting. Thanks for the trade. I hope you've already received my postcard.